Let's make your relocation to Switzerland a success.

Relocation Planning

You are planning to relocate to Switzerland and namely to Zurich or Zug. You have scores of questions and numerous unknowns are along your way. You want to spend your time effectively and efficiently and not reinvent the wheel again.

We assist with the opening of the blackbox.

Relocation Management

We are a specialist oranization and represent your interests on the spot. Jointly we elaborate a concept on how best to reach your goals.

We offer personal, individual and empathical support, which caters to the needs of the following persons:  

  • Employees international corporations
  • Private persons coming from abroad
  • Setting up a new company

Besides we offer guidance and advice on real estate in Switzerland namely for foreign investors. 


Relocation One-stop-shop

In connection with a relocation mandate, we usually cover following topics:

  • Expectation management
  • Legal issues
  • Taxation, social security, cost of living
  • Real estate (purchase or rent)
  • Schooling
  • Cars
  • Banking, insurances, public authorities
  • Medical services